Rock this season with a few hot pieces! … Hot Fall to Winter fashion trends for men! 

Learn what you key style items in your closet make you irresistible! And how to “own it” when it comes to personal brand /style! 

Just like in great food a recipe there are must have – key ingredients/pieces in fashion that keep you rocking Your Style!

Many of them tend to stay in style and only get better with time! 

So what are the must-have‘s?


Of course a motorcycle/aviator/bomber leather jacket is one of them we’d say it’s a top of the list item!

We help you intuitively find your own unique style and colors based on your personality and comfort fit!

This jacket that becomes a part of you and many of you life’s wonderful moments!

There are a few ways to dress it up and dress it down like for example:

A Pair of your favorite jeans and tennis shoes with a simple jersey and a beanie hat for accessory 

You can also throw on a dress shirt, slacks and a pair of Chelsea boots and that can get you well dressed.., but not overdressed right there! 

Both great for business casual and even dates!

A few other pieces we love and highly recommend here:

A basic wool coat ( just the right color for You)

A denim shirt

A V neck t-shirt

Knit cardigan

Front zip hoodie

A pair of fitted jeans and or camouflage pants

All-star canvas shoes

And a basic white tennis shoe


And if you are brave and up for the extra, then there’s 

A western fedora or porkpie wool hat

A suit vest



Scarfs, glasses

And even men’s jewelry accessories,

And a few more to mention, all depends on where you are and where you want to be style wise 🙂


We show you the “how to!”

When you have the right clothes it’s easy to dress well! And it’s fun receiving compliments everywhere you go! Looking great is always about feeling great! The two must always go together! It’s all about comfort and fun!

So when you are ready and you wanna “own it” for real,

Reach out to us for a personal style consult! 

We’ve got all the help you need for personal style & successful living!

Did you know that great new personal style session leads to feeling more attractive, having a positive attitude and an awesome confidence boost? Yep!! ???

Looking forward to taking your style to great new Heights!

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