Let your gypsy soul roam free this season!

Inspired by, celebrated worldwide, and featured here in our fashion photoshoot on location in Maine, USA – Spell and the gypsy collective brand!

An instant hit with their “NEW vintage” gorgeous clothing line!

These pieces will be a classic forever!

Let this season put a love spell on you, make you feel enchanted, playful and wild!

Feel the wind under your wings, be light be gentle be inspired by the songs of freedom

Be brave, try new bohemian hippie rock & roll style! Feel the magic that’s made its way back and is warmly celebrated And welcome by so many who know the secret power of everlasting Love! Let it Fill your heart and set your spirit free!

We choose to work with brands that inspire real organic beauty in real life and use fashion for real people!

Make it extra fun by choosing just the right accessories like hats, boots and vintage jewelry pieces, we provide all the help you need to put a great outfit together.

You have your favorite pieces and need fun beautiful photos of you in them! Way Better then any Selfies…!!)  We are here to make the magic happen for you call us today to book your photo shoot Looking forward to celebrating you soon 🙂




fashion styling /wardrobe by Katya productions / katyaphoto.com


Katrina Medvetsky

Make up:

Katrina Medvetsky

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